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L'Autre Sac believes that education is the starting point of female empowerment. Quality education, both in academic knowledge and in values, is the best tool we can offer society. The best of all investments is to invest in girls by giving them the opportunity to broaden their vision of the world, to build their self-confidence and to feel prepared to face life. For this reason, we have partnered with the Ana Restrepo del Corral Foundation to create student grants to finance high school studies for girls in vulnerable situations. Besides sponsoring their academic studies, we are working with the Foundation to expand the grant with mentoring, as well as creating contacts with women who can inspire them, serve as an example and accompany them in their training process.

How does that work?
With each sale a percentage of our profits goes to the grant. Each bag sold is equivalent to one day of studies for a girl. Our aim is that as L'Autre Sac grows, the grant will reach more and more girls.

Who do we collaborate with?
For almost 50 years now, the Ana Restrepo del Corral Foundation manages a high-standard school in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in the northeastern part of Bogotá. In a neighbourhood with difficult economic and social conditions the school educates more than 650 children in primary, secondary and technical levels and provides free food and dental care to all its students.

Why here?
The women's workshop that manufactures the fabric bags of L'Autre Sac that accompanies each of our bags is right in this neighbourhood. We are excited to participate in the development of this community of women, not only through their employment, but also through their girls’ education.